Virtualus Europos Naujametinis meistrų 5 km bėgimas

The year is going to finish soon – time to start for the last virtual event before looking forward to 2021.

Dear Friends, this troubled year is going to finish soon. We have all suffered from the virus and from the cancellation of our competitions. But we also managed to organize a virtual running challenge and, above all, with courage and determination, and in safety, two European championships (non-stadia and mountain / trail) on the beautiful island of Madeira.

Today the situation is still difficult, but we have decided to offer you the last virtual event of the year: 5 kilometers to run between 26 and 31 December. A way to close 2020 together and look forward to the new year.

Waiting for the decisions regarding Braga, in January we will launch a new virtual circuit, Road to Valtramontina, pending the European Masters Championships of Mountain running, Trail running and Nordic walking Valtramontina 2021 (May 28-30).

Stay tuned and never give up!

This is the link to enter the event (from 26th to 31st of December)

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